Autumn Burn 2018 / come together day

Update +++++++

unfortunately due the bad raining weather we’ve decided to cancel this event. 

Update +++++++

And who of you already has a great idea for a workshop or a tricky tricksharing?

From the FeuerCamp we will present the project of the Berlin Convention Feuercamp 2019 from 17:00 – 18:00, and of course you are invited to share your ideas.

Regarding the fireplaying in the evening:
For this year’s autumn burn in the Humboldthain we want to make it a little quieter as opposed to the Mauerpark. Without a lot of music + sparkles – but with the gentle spirit of saying goodbye to summer and welcoming autumn with a relaxed burn. Gerald + Jacqui will bring along a dipping station.

Finally: please do not leave a trace in nature = avoid one-way things + please think of your own waste bags so we can leave the park as clean as we found it.

Come together, interchange ideas + spirit, leave traces in your mind and hearts
Summ Summ


Herbstfeuern 2018 / come together day

we hope you have a good summer 🙂
As every year, a at some point, autumn will come again.

This year it will be on 23.09. = This is a Sunday in September 🙂
The idea is not only to welcome this beginning of the new season with a traditional fire this time, but why not make it a long relaxed afternoon day as well?!? With a small program, e.g. like workshops, picnics, tricksharing, playing around, telling summer stories, making plans for the winter or for the next year?!

As a place from the early afternoon to get together, the Humboldthain would be nicer (and quite a bit more beautiful) than the Mauerpark.

And in the evening we can light up the starry autumn sky with our sparks, flames and heat.

We will have a dipping station on site, also a music system. The playlist is open. With the lamp oil it would be nice if everyone could bring his own supply. 

For this *come together day* everything is open. Everybody can contribute as he likes. Everything about ideas, wishes, workshop spots, creative visions, Brainfuckmindstorming, Presenting projects or discussing them together, flea market/exchanges + upcycling ideas, flower seed and book exchange or whatever else you are looking for, = everything is welcome.

To a colourful, creative … and fiery beginning of this years autumn
on 23.09. in the afternoon on the meadow in the Humboldthain park!

Fiery greetings – all of us