The Berlin Fire-Players, -Jugglers and -Spinners welcome you to your convention! We are proud to organize this event for you, and with your support!

You will find all the relevant information in the sections below.



There is ONE ticket for the complete convention. It includes 2 overnight stays, breakfast, the renegade show and the fuel for the fire-space „…all you can fire!“.

Of course we do offer cheaper rates for kids. Please check the details during the booking in our web shop. All the details are listed there.
The total amount of tickets is limited to 200.

  • 48 dorm room tickets – 4 rooms with 12 beds each
  • 3 separate rooms for families with kids
  • 118 camping spaces
  • 25 campervan spaces

Due to the limited space we cannot offer day- or visitor-tickets, our entree fee gives you access to the whole festival weekend.

in addition:  for visitors who come from afar, or who can simply not wait any longer until the awesomeness starts… we offer the THURSDAY UPGRADE! 

This enables you (for a small extra fee) to join us on the festival grounds a day before the actual festival starts. The Thursday tickets are limited to 40, we will still be preparing, building and decorating, and would look forward to any and all help to create this great weekend. The firespace won’t be open yet, but in the evening we will have a relaxed get-together, there will be a hot and steamy grill, so bring something to eat! The festival will start on Friday 12:00 as usual.

Registration deadline: 7 days before the start of the convention (as long as there are tickets available).


Our Spirit

Our Berlin Fire Convention is a sharing, playfully, creative and of course absolutely fiery weekend with all conceivable tools and loads of lamp oil…

* … all you can fire! * is our motto: For 2 long nights we let the fire burn hot and dance with the flames! During the day you can expect a lot of workshops + tricksharing, of course you are invited to offer a workshop yourself. Saturday night we start our Renegade show where everyone can spontaneously show off their creative-crazy fiery nonsense. 

If you are a complete beginner = excellent! This convention is the perfect event for you. You can try all tools you can imagine, learn from the others with tricksharing, participate in so many workshops that you start juggling in your sleep and learn all sorts of crazy stuff 😉

For beginners of fire performing we give a special First-Burner-Workshop on Friday, and before we ignite the fires we all do a Fire-Safety-Recap together. The Firespace is open to all levels and is meant to be fun, enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

FeuerCamp is a “Mitmach-Convention”, it’s is being created and organized for you, by you! For your help you get super-duper-awesome MiMaPu’s!

Since time immemorial our events and conventions have grown with this spirit, and we would love to keep this same spirit alive in the future. The feeling of cooperation between participants and the organisation team is something special, and everybody knows they have been part of creating something beautiful.

Everybody will have a small task during the festival to make sure it’s as great a success as previous years. For your efforts you get an awesome weekend, and a MiMaPu which you can wear as a badge of honor; YOU are the festival, we couldn’t do it without you 🙂

To coordinate all tasks during and around the convention we will make a helpers-list available for you to choose from.  The link to this list will be send to you by email when you order your ticket. 

Tip: If you pick your task directly after receiving the email you can pick your favorite activity (and make the organizers work a bit lighter ;-)).



What would a fire convention be without workshops? We are looking forward to another colorful, diverse and simply awesome program from and for you!

If you would like to share your knowledge and knowhow about a certain theme or tool then this is the chance to do so! Offer a workshop or start a trick sharing session. 

Any topic is welcome, besides the classic topics where you teach or perfect new tricks there is also space for subjects like wild herb gathering, massages, relaxation exercises, yoga, ballet or singing… let your fantasy run wild!



General information regarding tickets ordering

–  if you order a ticket for someone other than yourself, please make sure to submit their name and e-mail address, so that we have them on the admission list at the entrance. If the name is not on the list, the ticked is invalid!

– if you need a campervan space, please book 1 ticket for you and your bus. Any roommates (vanmates) need to order standard camping tickets.

– if you need linen for your bed in the house, please book these during your ticket purchase. They are at 5,-€ contribution to expenses. If you do not want linen, please bring your own linen and a sleeping bag.

– If you like to make a reservation for warm food, please add this to your basket in the web shop. You will receive a food voucher at the entrance, after you payed for the reservation. Reservations are limited to 150 dinners. This is the limit the catering crew can handle.

– We are happy for every workshop. If you want to give a workshop, sharing your knowledge with others, please fill the workshop form available on the web site. We will then plan the details with you and add your workshop to the plan.


The rest of the English translation will follow shortly!