23. September 2017

Many thanks! (2017)

Dear Fire Camp community,

I hope, all of you are safely back home and with your hearts and minds still a bit outside reality. For myself, I am still back on my way from the clouds to the ground, speechless and totally flashed from the event. We had a very happy, relaxed and dreamy Convention.

The days were spent enjoying the nice weather, attending the many, interesting workshops and from dusk until dawn we had a great time spinning fire – I’d like to specifically highlight our amazing, spontaneous candle-dance and given thanks to the DJ’s that kept dancing for so long. Also, our Fire-Renegade show was a lot of fun; I especially recall the team Lin + Felix *ggg

From an orga point of view, everything was fantastic and without any catastrophies,… no, there was. Paramedics, do you recall we needed 1 band-aid?

It is simply unbelievable, the way I could rely on Effi, Yoran, Anita as your orga-team and how all of the crew and all the helpers gave the breath of life to this convention with their engagement and willingness to always go the extra mile. My personal thanks and respect and delight for all of that. I want to say thanks to all of you.

It was exciting also, as this year was the 1st FireCamp after many great years of Firecircles conventions, to see how it evolved and how we carried the spirit for the community from the past gatherings into the future.

Many of you, more than half actually, have been with us for the very first time in Berlin and some have traveled for from far, far away. We sincerely hope that our way of a fire-convention was to your liking, that you felt welcome and that you will rerturn next time.
We are happy and thank you for your participation and your contribution to making this convention possible. As the newbies to this event, I was happy to see you take it into your hearts and make it your own festival, therefore we can be all proud to say: We all are the convention.

What else was great?

Yes, there was the amazing Madia-Crwe, taking care of cooking vegan, organic, regional and very tasty food for us. All of you who liked it, clap you hands and stamp your feed loudly now, so that they hear it and come back again next year .

Then, the table tennis tournament has been big fun – The proud winner this time …. Benny Benjamin! That was a real TopSpin!


We would like to create a nice, small gallery for our website our of the pictures you have taken. You can upload them to a folder, following the link below. Don’t forget to create a folder with your name.


Lost and Found

Pictures of all items left behind have been posted on Facebook and uploaded to Google Drive. Have a look and reach out, if you find something that belongs to you.

Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/197372034069616/


We are happy to receive your feedback, ideas, criticism and any thoughts you like to share with us, so that we can make sure that the next convention will become even more colorful and trouble-free than it already was. We are looking forward to your reactions: https://drive.google.com/…/fo…/0B43FwZS6b2F3U1NEMEZYWG9HLUE…

Save the date!

The next FireCamp will happen 25.27. May 2018.

And here it comes a GREAT BIG THANK YOU! from myself, personally here at this spot to the orga-team, the crew and the helpers, that made this convention become reality with all their engagement:

Your Orga-Team

Effi, Yoran and Anita. Thank you for the preparation, for taking on responsibility, for the time and energy put into this project, for never running out of ideas, and for your help in making this new baby come into the world.

Orga-Robbe-loading/unloading-Team and Purchasing team

Bernhard, Stephan, Effi, Inge, Nicole, Sebastian, Gerard, Yoran, Bille, Mark and also thanks to Joachim. My respect to your muscle-power, dragging box by box and moving the purchases around. Also, thanks for your willingness to drive criss-cross though the city to be where you were needed and for not loosing your patience at Kaufland. It was great that you all put that much time into transporting everything.

Stage Equipment tour, assembly, dismantling and return

Technology-god Yoran + Gerard + Rajko
The boys got all the light and musik for us, built everything, and got it safely back travelling the dangerous traffic on Berlin’s streets. They are the ones that allowed us to enjoy sweet music and comforting light. Magnificent! … and Rajko:=  Extra Thanks for your tireless dedication!


Firespace-Devil Sven, always and everywhere with full attention, so that we had the freedom to indulge in our fiery pleasures in safety and with well shaked tools. The firespace ran smoothly for the complete festival.
A special thanks also, for always driving and building our tool rack.


DJ-Rocker Martin and his team Manu, Sossy, Jérôme, Christoph – fantastic, how you sent us playing through the nights and created a nice ambience during the days


Entry-angel Effi – at this table there was a lot to do at all times and Effi managed it brilliantly with lots of ideas and even managed to welcome all of you with a smile. Hats off! – superbly done!


Anita. Hey, such a great preparation. The first time, we had a real workshop-plan even before the convention started. Great, how intensively you cared for this topic and for how you woke it from its past-years slumber.


Gerard – He travelled from the far away Netherlands, just for us and brought with him Lycra-deco-fabric and the big UV-cloth-sheets. He created all decorations on site and already has plans fot he next time. Special thanks to your hands-on approach and for being always and everywhere where help was needed.


Karsten + Anki for the super-duper funny moderarion and pirate’s calm in reclaiming the Champagne bottle. Next year, we make sure that you get to microphones and in case the blue spandex trousers ever break, they will get a special place in a picture frame!

Massage tent

Martin + Tukie for your oasis of calm, for setting twisted lims and tending to sore muscles. Also, for helping with confused thoughts by providing deep relaxation.


Chris Remo – again, a dream! Taking pauses in spinning fire, getting amazed by the glittering bubbles reflecting the light – Magic.

Pie makers

Hey, all you busy bees – your cakes, pies and tarts were delicious!! Thanks for making them and delivering them to cater our sweet-teeth. Yummi yummi. It really was awesome, that so many of you agreed to support. The sweets you made with love made any standard supermarket pie unnecessary.

Special thanks

To: Inge Sonnenschein for her initiative and strong nerves in the kitchen coordination, so that all went well from the start in this critical and un-staffed area. We couldn’t have made it without you.

To: Dennis for building the workshop stand. It did what it was supposed to do. Stable and robust, letting people stick all the workshop cards onto it, offering sufficient space and standing upright all three convention-days, without fainting. Also, he seemed to be in a good mood all the time.

To: Sossy for bringing some the extra carpet material

To: Morris the cat as a relaxed management support


In case I missed to name anyone in the above listing, they are allowed to …. Oh my, I do truly hope that I didn’t…

Merci for any one MiMaPu.

Until next time for the next FireCamp convention.



+ Orga-team Effi, Yoran + Anita