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Convention Tickets Get your spot for 2020!

Tickets are available on the 31st of January

Be quick, get your early bird ticket!

> We’ve sold out! <

In 2020 you can book your ticket on the website

Notes on registration

We won’t send you a physical ticket, instead after you’ve booked and payed your name will be put on our con-list. The tickets are personalized, but transferable to someone else if needed. You can use the ticket exchange system for transferring to another name.

The number of tickets is limited to 200 spots.

Caravan places
Book only 1 ticket for you + your van. For all other roommates + children in your van you have to book the tickets for a normal campsite.

Bed space/ house sleepers
As a house-sleeper you need bed linen + sheets, you can book these when you register (for a one-time contribution of € 5,-). Alternatively you can bring your own bed linen or sleeping bag (don’t forget a sheet!).

In case you didn’t remember to bring them it’s always possible to get them from us (of course with the above mentioned fee).

Booking for children
Children must be accompanied by a person with custodial authority (usually the parents) or an authorized guardian (assigned supervision duty). The protection of minors and young people must be recognized.

The person accompanying the child must be of full age and requires a separate convention ticket. Please state the age of the child when booking the ticket.

If a separate ticket booking is made for one child only, the name of the accompanying person as stated on the ticket must be included.

Minor participants need the written consent of a parent to play with fire.

A completed parenting certificate must be brought along for each child.

Own child: Personensorge-Berechtigung
Guardian: Erziehungsbeauftragung

And here a quick link to all other important information of the Convention.

so… do you come and play with us?
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