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Training meetings for beginning or experienced players

You want to learn how to juggle, or dance with the flames?

We have exactly what you’re looking for!

Here you will find the training meetings where we’re the most active at the moment.

We also have a week overview of most other training meetings in Berlin.


Winterquartier Danziger50
CANCELED due to Corona outbreak

When it gets too cold again on the meadows in Friedrichshain, Mauerpark, Görli and Humboldthain, we move to our winter quarters Danziger50.

It is an open training and meeting, i.e. there is no trainer or special training instructions. Everybody learns from each other and we love trick sharing. Beginners are very welcome and we’re are happy to show them the ropes.

Our training room is at the top of the attic floor in the studio of the Kulturhaus at Danziger Straße 50. To get in, there is a bell “Atelier/Dachetage/rechts”

This sunday winter meeting exists since 2008 and is a project of FeuerCamp Berlin, your coordinators, door openers, closers and caretakers this year are: Jacqui, Yoran, Anita, SvenB, Gerald

We are looking forward to you and to a nice and cosy winter season!

Facebook Group: Winterquartier Danziger50

Danziger50 Winter Training

Partners & Friends

Firecircles training meeting
CANCELED due to Corona outbreak

This is the traditional meeting point of Firecircles – the juggling, poi and fire players in Berlin. New faces in the group are not only welcome, but greatly encouraged. From the absolute beginner to the ultimate crack, every skill level is represented in this group.

The training meeting always takes place in the cold season. If the weather is fine Firecircles will meet outside.

You will find the training room in the building of the TU (Technical University), room EB 104, which is very large and has a height of 5 meters – you will have enough space to play, even with bigger tools.

There are also some large mirrors in the room, this way you can look at yourself while practicing and optimize your training.

For a chilled break in between there are some sofas. With the music system you have the possibility to connect your own MP3 player with your favourite music.

Further information you can find on the Firecircles Website.

Firecircles indoor training

Weekly overview

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Winter season
TuesdayCirculumFirecircles TUFirecircles EB 104
Sunday  Danziger 50